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Govind National Park


Govind National Park is located  in Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand. It was established on 1st  March 1955.It spreads over an area of 957.969 sq km. with a varying altitude of 1300 mt to 6323 mt. Govind National Park is an intriguing protected area in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The park is considered as one of the most exotic national parks in Garhwal region. The majestic and snow covered mountains like Black peak, Bandar Punch and Swarg Rohini make the landscape breathtaking for all those wildlife enthusiast

The park creates an upper water catchment of River Tons. Tons river is significant tributary of Yamuna River and reaches the upper stretches of Garhwal. Moreover, the Tons river enriches the park and helps in the uninhibited growth of foliage. The forest of the park consist of Chirpine, oak species and scrub tropical Euphorbia scrub. Gangotri National Park has been selected for snow leopard conservation program 

 Govind Pashu Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Uttarakashi District in the state of Uttarakhand.  This park was declared a National Park on March 1st, 1955. The altitude in the park ranges from 1,400 to 6,323 metres (4,593 to 20,745 ft) above sea level.Within the park is the Har-ki-dun valley which is a known spot for trekking, while the Ruinsiyara high altitude lake is also popular as a tourist destination. The Har-ki-dun Forest Rest House is known for its location amidst a valley of wild flowers. The forest rest houses of Naitwar, Taluka and Osla are en route to Hari-ki-dun and attract large number of tourists.

Fauna in this area include the black bear, the brown bear, common leopard, serow, golden eagle, bearded vulture, snow cock, steppe eagle and the black eagle.

The sanctuary contains western Himalayan broadleaf forests at its lowest elevations, transitioning to western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests and western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows at its highest elevations.


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Source : Uttarakhand Forest Government of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 19-06-2019