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 Uttarakhand the 27th state of Republic of India lies between  28o 44' & 31o 28' N Latitude and  77o 35' & 81o 01' East longitude. It was carved  out  of UP on  9th November 2000 with 13 Districts.  The geographical area of the state is 53483 and the terrain and topography of the state is largely hilly with  large areas under snow cover and steep slopes.   Read More»      

Forest Department in Uttarakhand has the responsibility for managing some of the richest forests and biodiversity in India . These are spread over a landscape that includes plains where the tall Sal trees and myriad other plant species  hold  sway. Tigers, Elephants, Deer,  Antelopes,  Pythons, a large number of bird species, amongst so many other species,  inhabit these forests and grasslands. Read More »   Bsi

Source : Uttarakhand Forest Government of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 17-06-2021