The main objective of the Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) plan is 'proper conservation and promotion of ecology along with Proper land and water conservation mediums to control silt volume in the Catchment area , so that the sustainable development concept of hydro-electric project can be made meaningful.

A total of 10 Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plans are being implemented in the state, as given below:

  • Srinagar
  • Singoli-Bhatwari
  • Lata-Tapovan
  • Phata-Byung
  • Tapovan-Vishnugad
  • Vishnugad-Peepalkoti
  • Lakhwar
  • Vyasi
  • Naitwar-Mori
  • Jamrani
Following main tasks are taken up under CAT plans
S. No.Name of HeadComponentsName of Work
1Program ManagementCapital ExpenditureEquipment & Supplies
Recurring ExpenditureContract Staff / Village Motivator's Salary
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & Evaluation
2Preparatory PhaseInstitutional DevelopmentRepair/improvement of Naula/Dhara
Construction of irrigation tank
Capacity Development and DisseminationCapacity building of Villages/ Van Panchayats and Project staff
Project Extension education and documentation
Micro-plans and Preparation of DPR
Study / Research

All these activities are carried out with public participation.