The Department of Forests, Govt. of Uttarakhand is the line department for administering the Forest, Environment, Wildlife, Biodiversity and other Natural Resources (flora & fauna) of Uttarakhand state. The Forest Department is the custodian of Government notified Forest areas and we manage, develop and preserve almost all Natural Ecosystems, fall within the boundary of Uttarakhand state. It is also the agency in the administrative structure of the state government for implementation of national and state-level forestry policies; and for planning, promotion, coordination, and overall implementation of various forestry programs, projects and schemes. In order to improve the delivery of our services, this Citizen's Charter is being formulated.


An organization that has the strength to sustainably manage the forest and other natural resources of Uttarakhand in a participatory and people-centric manner, so that a strong bond is developed between local communities and forest resources around them, that conserve the fragile ecosystem and endangered species of flora and fauna, protect forest land, natural forest and their biodiversity, optimizes land use to meet genuine needs of forest dwellers and forest-based industries on a sustained basis and create maximum opportunities for employment generation through forestry-based activities.


To conserve the ecosystem, protect, develop and manage the natural resources and environment in a people centric manner for the people of Uttarakhand.


  1. To implement the goals and objectives of our national forest, environment, wildlife and biodiversity acts and policies.
  2. To scientifically and sustainably manage, conserve and develop natural and artificially generated forests of Uttarakhand state.
  3. To formulate and implement plantation and soil & moisture conservation schemes on all wasteland of Uttarakhand.
  4. To develop and implement agro-forestry based models on civil/common land, institutional land and private land.
  5. To conserve wildlife of Uttarakhand and mitigate human-wildlife conflict.
  6. To conserve and protect the wetland ecosystems such as river systems, lakes, ponds and other water bodies; and to formulate & implement various water conservation schemes.
  7. To implement the prescriptions laid down in the approved management/working plans of various protected areas/forest divisions of Uttarakhand.
  8. To fulfil the rightful needs of fuel wood, fodder and timber of local right holders.
  9. To promote eco-tourism in Uttarakhand.
  10. To develop Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) and Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAP) sector and its linkages with employment generation in Uttarakhand.
  11. To meet the supply of raw materials to forest based industries on sustainable basis.
  12. To facilitate, guide and involve Van Panchyats in the planning and implementation of forestry schemes.
  13. To establish an effective monitoring system that will enable proper mid-course correction wherever necessary.
  14. To make available all related information on its website; like various schemes & projects, public utilities, office structure related information, functions, role and responsibilities etc.
  15. To conduct periodic evaluation of projects, schemes and programs and apply the recommendations for overall improvement.
  16. To strengthen relationship with other state and nationwide organizations in order to achieve common goals.
  17. To strengthen its grievance redressal system and machinery for speedy redressal.
  18. To empower human resources through exposures and trainings.


People of Uttarakhand as well as the people of India with special focus on local communities, Van Panchayats, Gram Panchayats, nature lovers, pilgrims, eco-tourists, researchers, scientists and small scale forest based industries.


  1. To implement forestry, wildlife and environment related various Acts and Policies of Government of India and state Government of Uttarakhand.
  2. To implement various projects, schemes and programs of Government of India and state Government.
  3. To give technical advice to Government of Uttarakhand on scientific management, development and conservation of natural resources, forest, wildlife and environment related issues.
  4. To help the Government of Uttarakhand in implementing the developmental activities by allocating the forest land.
  5. To facilitate Van Panchayats in community based natural resource management.


  1. To offer suggestions, feedbacks wherever required, to streamline and further improve the functioning and promote accountability and transparency.
  2. Forest soil and river systems are the national treasures and it is the responsibility of every citizen of this country to conserve and protect it for posterity.
  3. As per the law of nation, any non-forestry activity viz. hunting, poaching, illicit felling, encroachments, diversion of forest land (without prior approval from Government of India ) etc. are punishable offences. Hence it is expected from every citizen of the country that they will help the government in this regard.
  4. We expect every organization, civil society, scientific community, private agency and all citizens of India to:
    • Exchange their ideas and interact with department for the common cause of nature, forests, environment and wildlife.
    • Honour and abide by the rules, regulation, acts and legislations framed by the state and centre governments towards; protection, conservation and development of flora and fauna.
  5. To visit our website and to provide feedbacks and suggestions in order to improve our services.


Forest Department of Uttarakhand is committed to redress grievances in responsible and effective manner. The measures taken are as follows:-

  1. All head of the offices of Forest Department Uttarakhand are designated as "officer in charge of grievance redressal" in their respective areas of jurisdiction. Citizens can meet the concerned official every Wednesday between 2 pm to 4 pm. In case the officer in charge of grievance redressal is not available in the office at designated time, the next senior officer will act as officer in charge of grievance redressal.
  2. If the grievance is not solved at the head of offices level for which they are the officer in charge of grievance redressal, then the grievance can be brought to the notice of the officer in charge of grievance redressal at state level.
  3. At State level, Chief Conservator of Forests (Administration.) 0/o Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Uttarakhand is designated as officer in charge of grievance redressal for forest department.
  4. Address of the Officer in charge of grievance redressal at state level is as under:-

    Courteous and helpful service will be extended by all the staff. If you have any complaints to make in the delivery of the above standards you are welcome to register your complaints through our departmental website (www in). Citizens can also register their suggestion, recommendation etc. with the following office-

    Chief Conservator of Forests, Administration O/o Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Uttarakhand 85-Rajpur Road, Dehradun

    Office phone (0135) 2741461

    Fax: - (0135) 2741462


  5. A complaint registration and redressal option is also provided at our departmental website in public portal menu.
  6. The timely redressal of public grievances will be monitored by CCF (Administration), O/o Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Uttarakhand Dehradun.


Citizen with grievances can expect from the organization that:-

  1. There will be timely action on the grievances raised.
  2. Their grievances will be forwarded to the concerned authority within the stipulated time period and will be intimated accordingly.
  3. Visitors would be treated with courtesy and addressed patiently to facilitate in solving their grievances.
  4. All necessary steps will be taken for quick and satisfactory disposal of complaints and grievances.