S. No.

1 PCCF (HoFF) Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force)
2 APCCF Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
3 CCF Chief Conservator of Forests
4 CF Conservator of Forests
5 DCFs  Deputy Conservator of Forests
6 ACF  Assistant Conservator of Forests
7 CSS  Centrally-sponsored Scheme
8 CZA  Central Zoo Authority
9 FAO  Food & Agriculture Organization
10 FC  Forest Conservation
11 FRI  Forest Research Institute
12 FRO  Forest Range Officer
13 FSI  Forest Survey of India
14 GDP  Gross Domestic Product
15 GIS  Geographical Information System
16 GOI  Government of India
17 GPS  Global Positioning System
18 HRD  Human Resource Development
19 ICFRE  Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education
20 IFS  Indian Forest Service
21 IGNFA  Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy
22 IWDP  Integrated Watershed Development Programme